Apr 4, 2007

sunday, wedding day

This morning i had the surprise to have the visit of IS bhai, the famous gs flooder...
then i went to a wedding in a village. I loved discovering the simple life if people over there. As a women i could see women dance and sing...and all their nice attires, colored clothes, jewels and mehndi! i even had mehndi done on my hand by the most beautiful women...my first time ever!
We went from the groom house to the bride house where ladies performed their dances...the groom took the bride, then we her finally at her inlaw house....crying! some weapons were fired.
Many women could not englishe or urdu, but the few i talked to were very very friendly, and they all wanted me to come to their houses!
i had a nice day, i won't forget all those nice people soon....

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