Apr 4, 2007

Karachi....fun city..nice guppies....1

We had a guppy meet tuesday night, with Seema, Hammad, Janwar, Loonatic, Golden Scorpion, Decent Munda and ImranQ.
We went first to pizza hut to eat a little and begin to chat...my most difficult here is to follow a conversation btw native urdu speakers...i catch words here and there, some gestures...smiles...but the full pictures allways seems very far away in another galaxy..........
hopefully my level of understanding is increasing a lot here in Pakistan!
thereafter we went for a fun bowling party...nice music, very modern dance music, and good lights...it was fun...especially for me cause I am such a desperate case when it comes to play bowling....it was my first time...and i still have no clue how to play *bummer*
then we drove to the seaside..and i enjoyed walking barefeet in the arabian sea, on the nice dark soft sand of karachi beach...

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