Apr 4, 2007

friday 16th, second day in Pekhawar

so i visited more of the city by car today. I started with the poet mod, who as an artist took me to visit a designer studio. I had ther for the first time a flashy yellow soda drink called "mountain dew"...then we toured the city litterally on the ring road...in gave me the impression that Peshawar...or Pekhawar as people here pronounce it, is very big...but not dense.
It is less crowded than most indian cities, there are less traffic, especially rickshaws. It is also far more clean, because there is less garbage on the streets and very few animals s***ing everywhere and no men peeing in the streets.
In the afternoon I went with ASA and BM in the old market, qisakhwani bazaar, and tour in the small streets, looking at the diverse shops, selling clothes, jewellry, fruits, tea, fish, meat...and we tasted kulfi faluda and kheer in small shops, men are usually sitting outside, while women are hidden inside behind thick curtains. The kulfi was not as good as the one I was enjoying in purani dilli, three weeks ago...but the kheer was better than those i had in India.

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