Apr 4, 2007

monday, arrival in karachi

I took the plane from peshawar to karachi. I finally the fighting plane based there from the edge of the take off road.
We flew over the nice mountains, and as a former hydrology student i was very interested to look at the rivers patterns from the sky ...trying to figure directions and strength of the flow...
i got off to the luggage claim very quickly and was delighted to get my luggage first then out of the airport someone waved at me...but not someone i expected...anyway I found 3 unkown guppies! DM, Janwar aur Loonatic...later ImranQ joined us...so 4 new guppies met at my arrival, it felt great!
later on i was delighted by my first ever experience of life in a real pakistani house, in the city.
totally different from europe...

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