Apr 6, 2007

Paris as a tourist-Sep 5th, 2005 at 04:15 PM

I had a barbecue with my dad, step mom, sis and her bf, yesterday lunch...in the garden, under the shadow of the house...so great!....first time i saw my sister since i was back in france...
then i went to Paris to see a friend from uni...she discovered India movies thanx to me, when watching Kal ho na ho at the cinema with me
Now she is a fan of SRK and mostly Saif Ali Khan (she thinks he is too hadsome) now...so we had a masala cai together...i told her about my trip in India, and my plans for PK...then we walked in a quiet street few miles from North to south untill the Seine banks....looking at pretty monuments...Paris is soooo nice!
But in that streets were a lots of prostitue on the pavement waiting for clients...seems there were more prostitue than people walking in the street....*sigh* well that street though pretty...had a part full of sex shops and exotic dance clubs...so weird area...though it was really empty, cause sunday is off....so we enoyed talking almost alone there...in a clean quiet street...very exotic for me compare to the fuss and dirtiness of India!
We stopped a while talking and looking on a bridge on the Seine...looking at the islands and the cathedrale Notre Dame...then sat close to a fountain...full of bubbly soapy water!
But at the end of the day, i felt pain in my throat and lungs cause of the pollution, and today my voice is close to exctinction...

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