Apr 6, 2007

udaipur-Aug 4th, 2005 at 02:26 PM

i visited the city palace yesterday, it was another good experience...i am a little used to these palaces now but I am still amazed at those miniature paintings in mughal style that are widespread here....they use camel eyelashes for the bigger brushes and squirrel tail hair for the shaper details...and colours are natural from oxides: iron for red, zinc for white...all found around the town except the blue stone lapilazuli from Aghanistan.
this morning i visited beautiful temples, old ones and temples still on use ...hindu temples! some of the statues have their heads cut and guide explained to me it was the muslin invadors 13 centuries ago who did that!...anyway visiting temple is not my cup of tea....all those gods names and rituals i can't remember...I really don't like that religion at all...i like only the carvings! and flower garlands, they smell good!especially roses, we don't have these roses in france...I wish I could bring some plant home!
this afternoon is hot humid covered sky and I am stuck in a city for tourist which means nothing typical in shops but lots of touts around so that is why I am online...long time, but it's good to be on GS for a while i almost missed it

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