Apr 6, 2007

muslim world-Aug 26th, 2005 at 03:29 PM

yesterday i changed room from a small room without window to a bigger one with window...cause i am in dehli one week so i wanted a nice room...even if I have to pay a little extra*sigh*
so i looked out and saw a big 5 or6 stores building with a minaret and in construction..in front of my room...mosque, madrasa? anyway at 4.45 AM this morning "Allah akbar, Allah akbar..."very loud in my room cause I am on the 4th floor so in front of the speakers from the minaret!!! as i had start sleeping around 0.00AM I was really sleepy...but felt good to hear that cause in france it is forbidden....*snif*
this morning when I opened the window...I finally saw it...take it into pic....so many times I tried but it was too fast too far for me...and then suddently it felt as if I could touch it, capture it, make it mine...the king of birds...an eagle! quietly sitting on the public lamps...at 4th floor level, so right infront of my window!
after my shopping in CP, I had to come back from the station to my hotel...2 roads to chose from? i took one...walked in this market...kafi musulman tha...and felt really good to see all those guys from the little boys to old men in white dress with white cap on their heads and some ladies in the streets with their abayas...I saw people (all male) going out of a masjid after friday prayer...i can't explain how good it felt for me to be there like the first time in my life in a muslim place...i mean all the area was muslim...and i've never been in any muslim country....so i had like frissons all over cause of emotion and happiness.......

last evening I ate at moti mahal restaurant...and had kulfi ...it is open air place, with live qawwali...great, i love kulfi!!!!!!!!!!

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