Apr 6, 2007

Shimla-Aug 14th, 2005 at 05:14 PM

yesterday morning I went wandering the streets of Shimla, looking for a place to get a new battery for my watch cause it has broken down, which quite annoying as i have only this watch to tell me the hour in India...i did not know where I was going so I only followed the biggest crowd of people..as in early morinig people go to work I figured this would be where i found some shops....
So I walked around in these sinuous roads on the mountain slope...bordered by cedars and inhabited by dogs and monkeys, really lovely and some spectacular views on the valley too!
i found a watch repair corner shop, and in the early moring i waited 5 minutes for the guy to open his shop, then good job done for only 60 Rs, which is a little more than only1 euro!!! I was really happy!
then I went by car to Chail via very scenic mountain roads! then I stopped at the zoo of Kufri, I paid only 10 Rs (indian fee! lol, thanx Qrius you gave me good luck!) I saw there many typical himalayan birds and also, black and brown bears, wolves and my favourite animal the snow leopard!!!!!!!!! love again!!!!!!!
At night I talked to one of the guy from the staff after diner..and he talked really freely to me, saying that he wanted to have sex with me! I explained i did not want cause i am waiting till wedding, but he said it was a long way and i needed some while still young and healthy!!! khair those unmarried young guys are really weird sometimes, I know now why most indian men marry at 17-18, lol!

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