Apr 6, 2007

Dungarpur palaces-Aug 3rd, 2005 at 06:32 PM

Finally I arrived at Dungarpur new palace, converted into hotel and could enjoy my suite with lake view! prtty lake, and many fowls on small island in the middle of it.

i went to dine on a very big dinig table, maybe 5 or 6 meter long, and I was alone, but 4 waiters were there to care about me, plus the manager! Then I took tea in a sitting room called the african room, because many trophees from wild game hunted in Africa (former british colonies) druing the 70s by the previous maharajah were hang on the walls, as well as in the dining room, That gave a somewhat strange and unpleasant smell to these rooms. So the old indian guy in short, thongs and listening to a walkman sitting in an armchair on the terrace close to my room was the present maharajah!! How odd!

This morning i went to the old palaces that once was used by the same royal family as in the hotel...I was the only tourist, as usual in those remote places, so the guard show me in a private tour the 7storey old stinking palace, a pure jewel!! many many miniature paintings inside, chinese old blue porcelaine, mirrors and carved walls, carpets...a really nice but deserted palace....some part were in bad shape and bats were the only inhabitants!

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