Apr 6, 2007

Naggar/ jana-Aug 14th, 2005 at 05:27 PM

today I went from Shimla to naggar by car...only 280 km but it took the whole day! but these mountain roads are really amazing, especially today we came through many different places, along the Kullu valley for exmple there are many fields in terrraces and banana trees, which I find very elegant...then we came along the valley of the river Beas which is so beautiful!!! we came across a damn and up there was a multicolored lake, party green and partly muddy, wow then we drove up a very steep valley looking a bit like a fjord! so many things reminds me of norway here, the trees, the mountains, the glacial river (like the Beas)...I really love that place!
but when i look closer i saw that there was cactus and palm trees of the slopes which are rather exotic, na? and also some monkeys on the road side, along with the ubiquitous indian cows!

Then we finally reached nagar where i am now, the manager of the hotel took me to a special guided tour! the advantage of traveling alone in fine hotel is that I am really treated like a princess! private tours, private visits...so great!
so we went in the mountains high above Nagar 8000ft high, arouind his village so he knew everyone and marveled at some pretty waterfalls, and then wlked in the deep pine-cedar forest, listening to those very loud insects singing! really lovely!
he red my lines in my hand and predict me: 90+ years old in my life, a wedding in december or january this year and 2 kids! lol!
When we came down the guide-manager bought some cauliflowers to young boys on the road he had to insist loud to pay!!! then we saw some guys trying to lift a cow to put her in a van!!so funny, ..indian ways are really funny sometimes and that is just what I like!

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