Apr 6, 2007

today I love dehli-Aug 26th, 2005 at 03:01 PM

I wanted to experience the brand new modern metro of Dehli...had seen a sign "subway" near lahore gate (close to red fort, in old dehli) so decided to go there again this morning...it is one mile away from my hotel...but there i found out that it was a sub-way under the road!!!!!!!!!!! dispointed i wanderd aimless in the streets...my uplifting sight was the mosque so I walked in the mosque (JAMA MASJID) direction...and try to lose myself in the Meena market...i bought a prayer carpet and then....explored more old dehli....i was lost really, and thirsty....suddenly a dabha where I could purchased water...and then...a metro station!!!!!!!!
providence finally found me! so i came down, purchased a ticket to "connaught place" while I did not know the name of the station where i was and where i was going to??
but i took it...looked very deep in the line map on the train..decided Rajiv Chowk should be my stop...asked at the TikaT corner...and finally out i saw the bright light of the white shop-building of Connaught Place (ie CP)!!
walked in the circle till I found a music shop....my aim! and bought 10 CDs!!
-dil se
-dhoom machala
-aashiq banaya aapne
-bunty aur babli
-chandi ki doli from Sonu
-kangna from Dr Zeus
-Huqi pani from Ali Zafar
for only 1369 Rs...half the price of indian CDs in Paris...and five times less as wetern music in france....so cheap!
then i was thirsty again, so i bought a pepsi at a stall, and the guy asked me why I had a veil over my face...i said "too much sun" he thought it was because of too much sand! and added "you like to be very pretty!"...yes i india taking care of one white complexion means liking to be pretty! cool so i am pretty?
I took again the metro to come back...it is only 6 Rs oe way for two stations...from Old dehli to CP I have to say metro is the cheapest and safest and quickiest mode of trasportation...I almost felt like home you know paris subway is such a great thing to me....so now i can say I love Dehli...as much than Paris...

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