Apr 6, 2007

praying and shopping-Aug 29th, 2005 at 02:46 PM

I went to jama masjid this morning..i was quite surprised to find peoplo feeding pigeons in the courtyard of the masjid...it is digusting...**** and feathers of those animals are dirty...how can that be in a mosque where people are supposed to be clean to pray??
anyway i found most people doing anything else than praying...not very religious atmosphere at all..mostly a tourist place i think, cause it is beautifull and big...that is all...quite disappointing i have to say..
then i finished my shopping in the bazaar, I wanted rose attar..i found it, of course cheaper than in france..
then i couldn't resist buying gold bracelets...because I had bought some cheap fake bangles...but with the sweat they cause my a rash...i am allergic! so only gold for me!...it was really expensive...the funy story is I wanted to buy one bracelet...and thought the price was high...i hesitated thinking i could probabably find better bets in Dubai...but it is a souvenir from india, and i would probably not find the same so... anyway i bought it...but when the jeweller packed it, i discovered that I just had bought 2 bracelets!!!!!!!!!! reason why the price was high!
I am very happy with the kajal i bought 2 days ago....so I bought 2 more to bring home today...one is only 10Rs...which is at least 50 times less than in france!...and desi kajal is so better than western make up..I mean when i try to put these western eyeliner in my eyes, in 1 hour it has gone down on my eyelids, making me looking like an old tired racoon...but desi kajal stays inside the eyes and the color of my eyes is highlited!

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