Apr 6, 2007

bikaner / jaisalmer 29th

main parson bemaar thi...fever and upset stomach when I had to go from Mandawa to Bikaner...so i could'nt do anything that day...so i could'nt do anything that day...i saw an indian doctor as soon as i arrived in bikaner hotel. it was cheap, quick and good efficient medicine so i could visit a camel research institute at night...I love camels very much, there were also baby camels, so cute!
The next morning so I finally vivited the fort, which I was supposed to do the day before...it was nice...

Yesterday I traveled from bikaner to Jaisalmer..300 km by road btw the desert...mostly savanah...some sand dunes, sometimes reaching the road and beginning to cover the milesstones...I had bought cassettes of indian music in Mandawa, and the driver played them while driving, so it was less boring! anyway I enjoy so much the travel...cattle on the way, small villages made of earth and thatched roofs! camel carriage and colorful trucks!

I went to the lake close to Jaisalmer, very beautiful scenery..a girl saw me and said 'hei auntie!' so I replied"main auntie nahin hoon"...she was surprised...then her whole family started talking little hindi with me...a muslim family!...but with he hindi accent they couldn't say "khuda hafiz" but"kuda hafiz"lol!
at the guest house, one of the guys is literally eating me with the eyes...that's really embarrasssing...anyway i am now getting more used to it...some indian guys are just so staring...i feel like hiding but the more I hide the more they get curious about me!

In the night I wanted to eat diner outside, but the guest house keeeper told me to order food from anearby restaurant and eat on the roof...that was really pleasant , nice view of the city from the top of the fort and on the approaching storm and thunder....just after I finished my diner...the sand storm covered the low outer city, hit us and then came rain...I was lucky not to have gone outside! I reached my room and 5 min later, power cut! luck again the room is small so I knew where everything was and didn't need light to walk around!!!
but i was relieved 2hours later when I could finallly put AC on to have a nice sleep!

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