Apr 6, 2007

Mandawa, Shekawati region, Rajasthan-Jul 27th, 2005 at 03:10 PM

I came from Samode to Mandawa this morning, it was a pleasant 2.5hour car trip...many things to see on the road from cattle to big trucks loaded with cattle food, coming from Punjab.....
I am staying at the Mandawa castle...from there I have a nice view of the city....I took a pic...I am impressed by the size of the masjid compare to the size of the city...only 20.000inhabitants...that is reallt different in france!!

I slept during the middle of the day...anyway it was to hot to go out..and people at the hotel advised me to tour tour the city late in the afternoon...I felt dizzy afterwards, but decided to tour at 3PM...a cool breeze and no sun!
Then I went to visit the small city because there are havelis; old houses nicely painted...one guy made me tour and explained the city...but he had a crush on me! he remembered when and how I arrived in the city...saying alle the time I am nice, calling Noor Jaan...asking if I am married or have a boyfriend...lol! indians can be so funny! but I am not interested anyway....
those houses are mostly abandoned and most of their paintings are really in bad condition...the hot sun does not help...anyway the owners of these former palaces are into business and live far away in big cities, they have other hings o care about than these historical monuments....it gives an odd feeling visiting this pretty but deserted old city!

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