Apr 6, 2007

last day in Jaipur...2-Jul 26th, 2005 at 07:28 PM

after sitting 2 hours in front of a computer in a cyber cafe, I had finished my 1l bottle of purified water and felt a bit thirsty, I wanted a tea...I entered a neary cafe/restaurant full of locals, all males (why no women?) and ordered a "cai", I was quite disapointed to be answered they had none, India isn't a tea country?? well the guy said they had lassi, s I decided to try....hmmmm, it was cold enough but not frozen, sweet enough not to be sour, creamy but not to hearty....well delicious....then I walked back home....diner as usual...wanted to access internet but...no connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so sad....

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