Apr 6, 2007

historic Dehli-Aug 25th, 2005 at 04:27 PM

I visited today, the historic Dehli...or a part of it, as Dehli is really big...
first i went to the area of Humayun tomb...it is the tomb of a mughal emperor, that was built by her grieving wife....it is really the building who inspired Shah Jahan to build the Taj mahal....i love that red and white building...so pretty...and the renovated gardens around are awsome! a real piece of paradise...water ponds, yellow frangipani and white jasmine, green parrot, big palm trees and cute squirrels...
I went to the edge of the city where Qutub minar lies, and at its feet the oldest masjid in India...Qutub is also made in that red/pink sandstone that ornate, the red fort of Dehli, or the humayun tomb...my favourite building stone!
the mosque is in ruins but the minar is wonderfully preserved...all the Quran carving are in perfect state...and I allways felt a frisson when seeing those carving on the tombs i visited....indo-islamic architecture is the one that speak to my heart as well as my eyes...so That was a good day!
i also saw the lotus temple, a white big lotus like modern construction, for meditiation surrounded by small pool like ponds...but stinking! I have to say i hate hindu and other temples...they might be pretty i just feel alien there and can't contemplate anything...their rituals are toomuch for me!

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