Apr 6, 2007

23th july-Jul 24th, 2005 at 12:17 PM

I am a lucky girl because this morning I had to wake up at 4h30 to depart at 5 oclock from new Dehli to Jaipur (train at 6.00)...and no alarm clock...and I slept very well, but woke up at 4.30sharp! isn'it weird?

Anyway i took the train at 6.00 at new dehli...it was a nice journey, i enjoyed looking at the landscape from my window, execpt for the slums and poor people I saw...it is difficult for me to look at all this poverty! I feel embarrassed.

I like the countryside, green fields, flooded fields (rice?)
women in colorful saris walking around, thin white silhouettes of standing men looking after cattle...and in the trees peacoks...my favourite bird!

I have been walking in Jaipur most of the afternoon...all the time risckhaw-walla, asking me where I want to go, whereas i only wanted to walk!...but there are so few peolple walking because of the heat...but I like it, ..and also if i don't walk I feel like a lazy-bum and i just hate sitting the whole day in a train, plane or taxi...I need exercise...and it's easy to hide from the sun...my dupatta over the head and I don't even think about sun shining on my face any more...yes I am wearing one the salwar kamiz I bought in mew Dehli...i like it very much!

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