Apr 6, 2007

from the deset to Jodhpur-Jul 31st, 2005 at 02:42 PM

I am now in Jodjpur! i went from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur today. I visited the amazingly beautiful fort this afternoon.
I really suffer from the hot!

Yesterday evening I went to the desert to ride a camel up to a sand dune to see the sunset but ubfortunately there were clouds coming just as the sun was to set anyway I took nice pics of the desert and my camel. She was a bit nervous on the way back so I didn't ride untill the end, but that was a good first experience...and I even saw some antilopes in the desert!!

After I had diner with the local p[eople, wih songs also. then I came back to Jaisalmer. A sand storm, thunder, lightning and rain made the journey difficult because with sand it's hard o see he ro0ad at night with the carlight...but sometimes there were so much lightning that we could forget it was night! At the bottom of the city it was really flooded, and there was a power cut! power was cut up to 1.00AM I think...so i had to walk to the guest house alone in the dark as no car is allowed in the fort...there were no light, xcept lightning and lots of dogs barking...I got really frightneted!! All I can say now is that it is an unforgattable evening!!

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