Apr 6, 2007

Bassi and Chittogarh-Aug 10th, 2005 at 02:46 PM

I was in Bassi a few days ago...but not written about it yet, so...I have to say you should go to Bassi fort if you visit India, because the owner of the place, a retired colonel of indian army, has a lovely wife who is very welcoming! She is the mayor of the village of Bassi also! the rooms are good, the food is, well funnily not spicy because I am not indian so i guess it was on purpose!
I visited the village with one of the staff of the hotel...personal visit! very instructive about village life! all children after me saying hello or bye, and shaking hand!
quite disguting too too, because I saw a child shting on the street!
And also I forgot to say that a, small, cow stamped on my foot!! I was walking in the middle of the street on a narrow path btw water and steps and the cow only run towards me,and I had little time to side, otherwise I would have been down or in the water

at night i had diner on the terrace with the lady, and also her eldest son came to talk to me...it was nice

we talked about the festival that was held that day. Actually I had visited the old fort of Chittor ie Chittorgarh in the afternoon. it was really busy, packed with people...because of a festival celebrating rain (it was heavily monsooning before as I said in previous entries) by picknicking with families and going to the multiple temple in the fort (14km long)
as the fort is in the summit of a plateau we had to get down after by a narrow raos which is even narrowed at 7 gates, and we spent 1 hour at one of this gate, hopefully my driver in Rajastan had a really good humor and we had also, good AC and casstes of Bollywood music...so looking at people passing by outside and waving at me while I was stuck was fun!!!
I forget to say that a rickshaw wala, stuck besides us was gorgeous! he was staring at me smiling, thumb up to say something nice to me...he was so good looking, i am sure he knew it, reason why he stared so much at me....

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