Apr 6, 2007

2nd day in jaipur-Jul 24th, 2005 at 12:28 PM

I was very tired yesterday too , I slept straight after coming back to my hotel.... then have diner, then discuss with the two iranians guest staying at the guest house in Jaipur...at the beginning there were the manager, he was saying I have an american accent but one of the iranians women answered that I am talking with the same rythm than a german...so my english accent is a mix of US and german!

i was gonna have a shower when I SAW something moving in my bathroom bag...it was a big insect...6 cm long at least
i WAS SO FRITHENED, i reached for my shampoo bottle and killed it with it ...I was really shaken!...we don't have so big insects in France....
Today I went to Amber fort and city palace of Jaipur an took some pics...
These palaces once inhabitad by mahrajahs are really amazing, but they are not so richly decorated as say, previous royal castles that we have in France...mostly because most of the furniture and original carpets, tapestry..are gone! But from outside they are really wonderful!
i loved also this abandonned palace, like floating on a lake, just outside the city of jaipur
I think there are too many tourists regularly visiting there because streets vendors are a hassle...yesterday it was the rickshaw wallw, today the street vendor...oh I forgot about that carpet sailor...he showed me how to make a carpet, briefly, then many nice carpets, all sizes and all colors, then started to chat a bit in french with me!...yeap many french in Rajasthan!...tried to convinve me 100hundred ways to buy a carpet...but I don't want to, I already got one fine not expensive in new dehli....!

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