Apr 6, 2007

samode palace- Jul 26th, 2005 at 07:46 PM

I went from jaipur to samode by car today...with the same car and driver that will take me to the whole Rajastan during this next 2 weeks...
I am amazed at the way people drive...apart from being very slow...which I like (I can't drive in France, it's too fast and I am frightenned by speed)...they use the horn all the time...I saw some trucks that had written on the back: speed 40km/h BLOW HORN...in addition to trucks and cars, there are numerous bycicles, rickshaws, scooters and also some camel driven carriage!...ooops I forgot to mention cows...and other cattles!

So I am in Samode Palace! that's great! the dining hall is amazing! my room too! the bathroom is at least 5m long!...and it's looking like a real maharajah suite!...this place is great, i'll have to post pics later...
I toured the village this afternoon...first I met a family, Khan family...I know because I asked for the address to send their picture that I took...hopefuly speaking and reading a little hindi helped me communicate with these women and girls who know no english! excep HELLO!
Then I met a boy...who guided me to some other part of the village, 14 years old and so intelligent, english speaking too...afterwards he showed me his paintings...then another guy, my age, came to show his paintings..both were very nice...that other guy spoke very good english and we talked until night...he took some time to believe it's my first time in India...as he think I am behaving just like an indian! it was fun learning from him more about indian village life...I liked it...he saw I have an open wound on my right foot and some bees were sometime eating my flesh when i sat still so he asked the younger guy to catch some plants nearby...and press the liquid out on my wound!...indian medicine, I guess!....I hope it's gonna heal soon, but bees really scare me now, I don't want to be eaten alive!
I bought some paintings from them...negociate hard the price thought!...then I finally could taste some of the real indian masala tea! just as in my memory from the time I had indian friends preparing some for me...fine! I like it...I just feel like i am home then.

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