Apr 6, 2007

Manali-Aug 16th, 2005 at 03:05 PM

I am in Manali...I arrived yesterday...it is a nice place on a steep valley, with very big cedars, the lovely Beas roaming at the bottom of the valley, many apple trees and also pink roses...and very typical old houses in wood...and alsmost all of thoses old houses house cattle, including the ubiquituous indian cow!!
So I went to Rohtang la (la is pass in tibetan)...4000m! I had never been so high on earth before...but that was great, the journey in the mountain till then was breathtaking and at the top it was so chilly...I remembered being a northern girl so I was with my light silk salwaar qameez and open shoes while indian tourists had big clothes, but I did not feel cold at all...only great! it was so great to feel really cold wind on my face after so much time in the hot indian and french summers....wow I miss very much scandinavia....pata nahin kyon....
yesterday evening before dark I went for some shopping...I entered a kashmiri shop for some woolen items...the shopkeeper was really nice (and cute) but it seemed that everytime he put a new shawl on me he was getting closer and closer to me and trying to touch me more and more...a bit disturbing!...I hold not to laugh out loud cause I found it more funny than anything else...maybe he thought I would less bargain if he were more sweet to me, but pretty eyes never work on icy northern blondies!!

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