Apr 6, 2007

dehli to Shimla-Aug 12th, 2005 at 01:26 PM

I am now in the lovely mountains of Himachal pradesh! Shimla, I love that place
Today I got from Dehli to SHimla via Kalka, by train up to Kalka and then car to Shimla. On the train I was sittinkg next to an Swedish businessman who asked me many questions about India, he was only for business and new almost nothing about India geography so with the help of my lonely planet guidebook I taught him little stuff. He said to me that I had a "easy to like smile", one of the kindest comment ever made to me.

The road from kalka to Shaimla is sinous in the mountain ...I love that place, Shimla is a misty town perched on the mountains, with many deodar cedars and some monkeys running around on the roofs...including in my posh heritage hotel: the Woodville resort! really a nice old building from the british era, 1938, is written on the front door!

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