Apr 6, 2007

Ranakpur 1/8/05 jain temples

I went from Jodhpur to Ranakpur, little city in the southern Rajastan that morning.
I visited the Jain temples during lunch time, white marble very beautifully carved temples. there were lots of priests dressed in red, orange and yellow inside. I liked the smell of incence and flowers....While visiting it started to rain so I could take the waterfalls from the roofs in pic...
I laughed at the western visitors, because many went in groups...very stupid tourists unaware of local traditions...they were requested to cover their legs and shoulders, while removing their shoes and socks...so funny to see!!
More funny was that some didn't know about monsoon season so they had nothing to protect from the rain...and putting back wet socks and sneakers is...well I prefer to avoid!

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