Apr 6, 2007

last day in Jaipur, indian impression-Jul 25th, 2005 at 12:02 PM

I visited the inner wall city today, yani Jaipur has an old historical center inside pink walls, with decorated and impressive gates...inside there are many shops, various shops selling almost anything...but i was not in the mood to shop..somtimes I just don't feel like buying anything...I don't want to buy stuff, just cause I can afford it and then have no use for it! i have to plan minimum beforehand what I'd like to buy otherwise, i don't buy...even if those shopkeepers in India try very hard to sell their goods to any tourists I don't know if there is some kind of equation like, white=$$$ ...
I was followed most of morning by a guy.... first he was cycling on the road and when reached me said to me I love you...I thought that'll be all, but he was like allways on my way afterwards, i don't know how! everytime i didn't notice he just pumped from nowhere passing close to me trying to touch me...*disguting*I became paranoid, kept on looking backwards all the time...after 1 hour he probably got pissed off...and left me alone finally!

indian streets are very dirty, trashes everywhere, people (men) peeing on almost any corner...it is not really nice...and also cows and other aimals (camels, goats...) are ****ing on the streets so with the brilliant sun, it is really stinking! but I guess I got used to it because I don't really mind now!...oh there are also garbages on the streets, and animals are eating them!
fortunately some shops are seling garlands of flowers close to hindus temple so it is a relief from bad smell!, I like jasmine and roses smell very much!

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