Apr 2, 2007

Jun 9th, 2006 at 05:29 PM-wild call

i have allways dreamed of perfumed flowers, swinging greenery and crystal clear sea

I have allways preferred the company of plants and birds to annoying fellows

i have allways listened to my basic needs and instincts
i have allways annoyed people by my careless attitude

how can i be happy, more happy than them? cause nothing is so serious, everything is easy when you don't think too much

i like to go back to basics and explain anything at a simple level, by taking easy steps to get to more complex issues later, i discovered a while it was math principle, and got suddenly more friend to that past hated subject.

As i am primitive i am happy as long as my BASIC needs are satisfied, nothing more (two first level of maslow pyramid).

BUt i'm extremely hatefull towards the people who threaten my basic survival: all those who like to poison my air (car drivers) and try to killed me (not only me other member of my family), because they are too lazy to move their a$$es.
I am proud t have a fat a$$ cause most people with slim a$$ are too lazy to move it, at least mine is full of strong muscle that makes me get in the train faster than those techno dependant fashinable slim muscleless a$$es

true i don't like people who replace the grass where i love to sit for a meditation and lay for a nap by asphalt

i don't give a damn about cultural norms, i know how to learn them and repeat them like a parrot, which people like, but i don't respect them in my heart they mean nothing to me but jail

i hate this cultural stuff that makes human , human, cause i'm deep inside still an animal, wild and free, and when i'm jailed in a zoo i feel a little weird

i have hoped and prayed, to be and still be the same over and over again, and to never loose my mind after "growing up"
i was careless smart child full of dreams, and now i am a careless smart grown up full of dreams...so i am human for real, cause these dreams are benchmark of my humanity, but i just like to keep it simple.

i can like all those things that humans make to make their lives "meaningfull", "fullfilling", "less brong"

but i am a wild animal, and like all wild animal, i travel, migrate, so i don't OWN much. ownership is not much valued to me, and things we gather all along the way are best kept preciously, not wasted.
the materialistic civilisation built by marketers makes me sick
people who chase materialist stuff can't understand me, and i can't understand them, we are aliens to each others.

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