Apr 2, 2007

Jan 21st, 2007 at 11:16 PM - allways dream

allways feel like something is incomplete
allways dream something is beginning
allways believe something is in waiting
allways fear some kind of void

i have gone to many places
i have seen many faces

but in the end, i allways feel empty and lost
i never had an identity, i'm a ghost

I've come to know no matter how many dreams come true,
it's allways tasting bitter in the end
I've come to feel no matter how much you love,
it's allways too soon gone

So i gotta nothing to loose, only moments to live up
Only things to enjoy and fill memory til the end
i promised to try for my young friend to live up a bit more
and one day we may go to mars, but in the prospective realities
i ain't lost, cause i'm already a dreamer, a non believer, a seeker.

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