Apr 2, 2007

Jan 13th, 2007 at 08:51 PM-our community

We are young , we are quick, we are strong, we are brilliant, we fear nothing....we are....hmmmm, we are a select community, called the 10% (of most clever people)

We love to test everyone, just to guess if only you could be part of our club...cause it's not written on our face.
We love to stay hanged to each other for hours talking about politics, philosophy, sociology, history, sciences, technology, IT, linguistics, ethnology, etc....
any petty thing is used by our quick brains to start a hot discussion on the necessity of judgment and relative meaning of moral norms...
But most important, we LOVE each others a lot, lot, lot...more I could ever have imagined! So i love to meet YOU! and allways look out for more of us......
We live life in a way others can't think.
Our power to move in life is BRAIN, and intellectual stimuli, excitment to think, feel and match up new ideas, discover the world and people around.
Yet anyone around us wonder why are we single, but really that kind of intellectual excitment, our arrogance, our assertivness, make us usually prefer our own companies to anyone else, but when we are together we can't do anything else but talk and think, cause it's just the way we are wired

dedicated to young NYC genius

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