Apr 2, 2007

Jun 9th, 2006 at 04:14 PMeurope- my country!

I am a european
I was born and raised here
My ancestors are all rooted to that beatifull and wealthy land
When i utter a word it's most likely to be in a language belonging to my forfathers land, be it english, german, french, or norwegian....apart from some urdu and pashto, i rarely speak something not european

basicallly i hate the same things in europe than america, and love the same things about europe as about america, with some light differences

love: the long summer nights ,dark blue, the long pink sunsets, the low winter midday sun, the scientific knowledge, the technological improvements of life, the freedom

hate: mass media, the communication wars, the pollution, the technological dependance, the narowmindness (€, £, $=value),decaying people

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