Apr 2, 2007

Jan 19th, 2007 at 10:56 PM-Resolutions of the new year

ok so good resolutions are not meant to vanish as soon as the year's started!
so i decided to make regular checks to see where i'm on my way ,
here are resolutions:
"- get a well paid job---DONE!
- like and be liked by your colleagues----ok so far!
- get a flat----processing....should be done within 3 weeks
- keep in touch with friends and don't treat them like tissue papers----quite ok so far! but still room for improvment, i forgot to call back Linda, my childhood friend, one week pastgosh, i should call her tomorrow! i did not even wish her happy new year
- try to find a MAN, one I want, and not one people want me to have----hmm, disaster!
I think i'll turn this resolution into "live up to your dreams", and my dreams are definitly somewhere else, though most friends are trying hard to convince me that men are "attractive" , but NOT as much as my boooooooooooks!
So yes the plan for 2007 is already very much heavy:
- gotta keep on learning chinese, at least i should be "intermediate by end of year".....motivation is to be able to read classics in few years, and that means knowing 6000 characters !
- gotta keep on working on philosophy project with my philosophe friend....so i should finish reading few books and write about them, and submit papers to him......good thing is i am done with commenting his paper!...until he send me new ones
- gotta keep on exercising on morning, my muscles are already very toned...but i gotta keep it that way!
- gotta keep loosing fat, that's not easy
- and gotta keep on my eyebrows neat! i look much more nice when they are perfectly done...seeing sara516 reminded me of that! it's so important to care about each detail of the face beauty....cause even if people don't actually look at each details (except some girls who are used to pay attention themselves, lol), in the end, the sum of details make it either nice (well cared details) or average (some not so well cared details)
- and that's one friend advice i may follow: care more about my cloth styling !
first i gotta try to figure it, but anyway as i work for a bank, i gotta be very business like during the week...but for week ends....i have to get rid of "jean-sneakers-big jumper" style, it's so unsexy, k promise! the only thing i won't wear is thong, no even if it's girly, i simply don't want.......

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