Apr 2, 2007

Jan 30th, 2007 at 07:55 PM -no more dilemna

I like learning, discovering
I like my city, some cultures
I want philosophy and a family
I need to listen to my budy more
So I'll try anything, and go with the flow
and I don't care about the outcome
I'm just gonna enjoy what's to enjoy
I'm not gonna set useless limits
Where there shall be only opportunities

Here's what makes me wonder more
I certainly like his relaxed attitude toward lifeplaces
But I wasn't raised the same way, I don't have 10 houses scattered around the world,
no instead i was born and raised at the very same place, and still there so far, even though i travelled the world,
moreover i know i miss home after some time, though i tend to feel home anywhere,
soon something was missing, but i realised this missing feeling can exist anywhere, only if i don't stick to my life code.

though i established my life code when i was around 13, i have still tended to explore around new ways, but in the end i still come back to my primary thoughts, no civilisation in this world has defined best ways for life then my little me
i have tried to feel part of a human group, but i can't there is not community that can define us , i have already written about us, but we're not really categorisable....and we don't want to!
It may be flattering for my ego, but that's sickening to know that only 13 years of existence is enough to know more than most humans ever realise in their whole life ....so what's the point of ageing?
just a side effect of that superb energy we got when we're teens
does that mean we adult are just spoilt useless teens?
in a way, but we're just there to raise the next breed...the next breed, ok i love you already even if you're not born yet! anyway i still enjoy the same way as i did a sunset, and i enjoy it even more strongly!
try harder, fail hearder, enjoy harder, it may the adult life

okay, so here's the most important thing: so i realised too young, that we are alone, all alone in this life ,and that feeling is not unbearable at all, we just have to know that all around there is kinda harmonised with us, but only if we stop sometimes to feel part of the world!
So stop! meditate, think deep! we are a tiny bit of a whole big universe, and look, listen, feel this world is gorgeous isn'it??
SO that's you, that's me, that's anyone, and anything, world, and life is nice
Maybe if you try harder, anyday can be that day when you feel you are part of nice world...yes we aree alone all alone for ever, but there is something bonding us all

edit: i'm twice 13 now,
though i have seen much and lived much, the truth of life remains
knowledge and experience is nothing compare to the essence of prayers and meditation, no matter how hard older people would like us to believe the opposite.
Experience makes learning easier, but as brain gets slower, so it's in balance!
The fun makes nice memories, and that's what makes life cool to live anyway...

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