Apr 2, 2007

multiple identities

I was once asked by a close friend, about this issue...he was elling me to have multiple identities, according to different friends, and environement.

But i guess it's more complex, i don't have multiple identities, but i don't have one identity either
Actually my identity is multiple but one at te very same time....it's like a quantic paradox....but it's all relative to environement!
The environement is ONE, but yet various, but the variations are continuous...so though the environement is ONE it is also changing, and has lot of multiple different apsects, depending on 5 parameters: space (3), time (1), human subjectivity (1)..no actually the last one is almost infinite! ( 6 billion people mulitply by many different point of views per person= zillion possibilities!)
so in order to try to quantify our space of perseptions, we came to the conclusion that it has infinite number of dimensions...so it's continuous !

Date Posted: Mar 21st, 2007 at 11:36 PM
i have allways thought...i'm some kind of freak...and people used to believe i'm weird

so when this guy told me he's weird, i wondered if it could possibly be as weird as me

then i discovered that some of my weirdness got someone to understand it!

I love this weird guy

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