Apr 2, 2007

Jun 20th, 2006 at 09:12 PM- doubts, inauguration of museum in paris today

again and again
more and more
like an endless well
like a pierced water purse

nothing is sure, human brain like soldi truth
but it does not exist
the more we know
the more we know that there is more that we ignore!

but the more we know, the more we are free to assess relative strenght of hypothesis, one against each other

staying on the edge of the least uncertain possibility is how i would define modern knowledge
but we should be carefull not to look down upon old wisdom, as primitives usually know far more about life and its necessities than average citizen of "modern world"

Today Mr Jaques Chirac our president inaugurated a nice buikding with gardens close to Eiffel Tower: musuem for "primitive arts"(musée des arts premiers), a museum for arts from all continents except europe....yeah some people still think everyone but us (europeans) are "primary/primitive".... *sic*

but extermination of cutural diversity has been the obsession of white men since colomb discovered america...
so now like endangered species in zoo, they are caged in museum!
how pathetic

the core thought: "cultural diversity is a threat to globalised markets and economy", europeans have known it for centuries, far before words like globalisation was invented, the concept of world trade was associated to colonisation AND missionaries. Why? because they have known for long that to sell their (useless) products to "native" people they needed to create the need for it by converting them to their culture, so they brang priests and explained how holy and pure was their mission towards these poor people who never had a nice life before them *sight*
that is marketing far before the term was invented!

it makes me think about the first urge from american workers in afghanistan after advising women to get free from burqa: seeling them false lashes and mascara ...

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