Apr 2, 2007

Jul 15th, 2006 at 04:06 PM- circular thoughts

i was told long ago that the difference btw western people and some eastern or so called "primitive" people, regarding life concepts, was that western do think life is linear...while eastern, primitves, think it is a cycle
ideaologically, i'm a cycle viewer, not for linear time frame, or i would say i'm a combiner!

i do think there is a linear time frame AND cycles going on at the same time....helicoidal time, like DNA....mere coincidence, na?

A circular definition is one that assumes a prior understanding of the term being defined.
circular definition are best suited to modelised cycles....hence well founded definitions may fall short to get something out of a cyclic thingy....and what' more cyclic than short term time frame...just like human lifespan....
yeah time is linear when viewed from long disctance: millions years...
but viewed too closely it looks cyclic....hence evolution theory is hard to prove when we are glued to a cyclic time frame....only when we get farther and farther from helicoid of times can we detect the linear component of time....

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