Apr 2, 2007

Jan 1st, 2007 at 12:52 AM-time to close the 2006 book page

oye oye 2006 is dead long life to 2007

last year i wrote:

"new year may be time for good resolutions, but it is also time to look at the last year and dress a conclusion: 2005 has been by far the most beautifull year of my life, and by far!
i enjoyed more sun and more snow than ever...not only due to travel, but to some odd climatic change over here!

i used to think intelligence and knowledge are a heavy burden to weigh ...
but i discovered it was a bliss...and a gift, the most usefull in ones life.

I discovered some people who share my thoughts and emotions

I discovered the world is yours only if you're ready to get it, full of beautifull things only if you are strong enough to handle them"

About 2006 i don't know...it's been tough at times, delight at others...but i've been trying to hide myself and destroy myself........until i drowned so much i exploded in a last blast of strife for life.

I lacked the will for life most of 2006, but since 2 months i'm back to life and i have already started to live by 2007 resolutions:
- get a well paid job
- like and be liked by your colleagues
- get a flat
- keep in touch with friends and don't treat them like tissue papers
- try to find a MAN, one I want, and not one people want me to have
and this year ended well cause HE was the only one to call me for happy new year wish...though working the whole day (everyday!!)

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